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Independent Study Groups

Many students benefit from joining a study group with two or three others. In our experience they tend to be more common toward the end of the degree, because students come to realise how effective they are as a method of study and exam preparation.

Usually students form a study group to:

  • Discuss readings and material presented in seminars
  • Work on questions set in a reading guide
  • Work through hypothetical problems, giving and receiving feedback on answers
  • Prepare for exams

Benefits of a Study Group

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Preparing for Oral Assessments

Now that your PPL written assessment is (almost) out of the way, you have a short time in which to prepare for your oral. Many of these skills are equally applicable to mooting, whether assessed or in competition. A few useful tips:

  • Prepare enough material to speak for the entire time. You should be able to talk for the allotted time, but be aware that you won’t get to. Your assessor will ask questions throughout, but since you have no way of knowing how many questions you will be asked, it is best to ensure that you don’t run out of things to say.

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