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Preparing for the Obligations Exam

Exam Notes:  How they Help 

Your Obs mid-semester assignment highlighted the fact that there is no such thing as “H1 Notes” (believe us, no one is reading and grading notes!).  In practice, working with someone else’s notes can get you into serious trouble during an exam –  trying to find the information you need in an unfamiliar packet of notes is time consuming and stressful. Definitions are missing, rule statements aren’t where you expect them to be, and there are loads of facts from cases that weren’t even in this year’s prescribed readings. You’d fast realise you might as well have brought your subject materials binder into the exam for all the help someone else’s notes will give you.

In light of this – and other – pitfalls first year students sometimes fall into here are some of the LASC’s tips on preparing for your Obligations exam. Continue reading