Laughter Zen Playshop


1.What’s it all about?   Are you feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed by your study, finding yourself dreaming of your contract law notes? Are you constantly in a ‘doing’ mode, tired of reading through endless cases to find ‘ratio decidendi’, participating in mooting competitions or busy applying for prospective jobs? Do you feel unsatisfied or even upset with yourself when you get H2A instead of H1?

Like most law students, we are determined, focused and serious about our studies and work. We seem to find more comfort in always being ‘busy’ instead of finding time to truly relax. Yet, are we human being or human doing?

When we get ‘overly serious’ with study and life, what’s the best way to loosen up and de-stress? To laugh & play! Through intentional laughter, conscious play, and creative meditation, we can return to a childlike state of playfulness and spontaneity whilst feeling more connected with ourselves and with others.

2.What will we cover?   Over a period of six weeks you are invited to participate in Laughter Zen Playshops (yes it is not just another standard ‘workshop’), whereby we will combine Laughter Yoga and guided meditation into one fun and reflective session.

Laughter yoga is an aerobic exercise using voluntary and intentional laughing (without jokes) as a means of an exhaling process to clear the stale air in your body, making space for fresh oxygen. You are encouraged to dispense any pre-conceived ideas about when and how to laugh, so you can be more present and willing to play like children (again)! We will finish the Playshop with a guided meditation, allowing the joy of laughing and play to be grounded deeper in your body and mind and creating an inner connection and space with ourselves.

Each week, we will learn to laugh and to relax in joy but also in stillness, and we will explore various different themes: 1 – Stress Management, 2 – Resilience, 3 – Appreciation & Gratitude, 4 – Connection, 5 – Embracing Emotions, and 6 – Self Acceptance

3.When & Where?   1pm – 2pm, Room 605, Level 6, Melbourne Law School: Monday 13 March, Monday 20 March, Monday 27 March, Monday 3 April, Monday 10 April and Monday 24 April.

4.Who will be teaching?   I am Elva – the founder of Peace Lab, but I prefer to calling myself the ‘Chief Experimenter’, since it is a ‘Lab’ after all. Originally from China, I came to study in Australia as an international student. Like you, ‘once upon a time’, I used to be a law student at Melbourne Law School. I am a lawyer by trade, who used to be overly serious! Peace Lab was therefore born out of my own experiences dealing with stress, anxiety and negative self-talks. But now I feel very lucky that I can share peace and joy with others through my creative project of Peace Lab, while still being able to use my intellectual brain by working as a lawyer.  (


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