Alternative Textbooks

There are countless textbooks on any given area of law. While the assigned textbooks are chosen for good reason, alternative textbooks that can enhance your understanding of specific cases or topics are available. Some of the facilitators have found the following textbooks useful, however, bear in mind that your professor may disagree with the conclusions of these books. It is important to remember that that only the assigned readings are examinable. Do not cite these textbooks in an exam – it will not get you any extra marks.

Administrative Law

The books below offer useful advice for approaching statutory interpretation:

  • Michelle Sanson, Statutory Interpretation (2012)
    UniM Law, KL 35 K1 SANS
    Great, clear explanations of the principles of statutory interpretation, accompanied by practical exercises.
  • DC Pearce and RS Geddes, Statutory Interpretation in Australia (2014)
    UniM Law High Use, KL 35 K1 PEAR
    A more advanced approach to statutory interpretation. Excellent for clearing up the basic principles.


These recommended texts are included in the Trusts Reading Guide (2016).

  • H Ford and WA Lee (eds), Law of Trusts (Thomson Reuters,) (this is the leading Australian loose-leaf service, also available at Westlaw AU, which can be accessed via the library website)
  • MW Bryan and VJ Vann, Equity and Trusts in Australia (Cambridge University Press, 2012)                                                                                        UniM Law High Use KN 200 K1 BRYA
  • JD Heydon and MJ Leeming (eds), Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts (8th edition, Butterworths, 2011) (a casebook with detailed commentary)                                                                                           UniM Law High Use KN 200 K1 HEYD
  • GE Dal Pont, (ed), Equity and Trusts: Commentary and Materials (6th edition, Lawbook Company, 2015) (a casebook with detailed commentary)   UniM Law High Use KN 201 KL DAL
  • GE Dal Pont, Equity and Trusts in Australia (6th edition, Lawbook Company, 2015) (a textbook complementing the Dal Pont casebook)           UniM Law High Use KN 210 K1 DAL
  • JD Heydon and MJ Leeming (eds), Jacobs’s Law of Trusts in Australia (7th edition, Butterworths, 2006) (a leading Australian textbook)                           UniM Law High Use KN 201 K1 HEYD
  • JD Heydon, MJ Leeming and PG Turner(eds), Meagher, Gummow and Lehane’s Equity Doctrines and Remedies (5th edition, Butterworths, 2014) (a leading, but controversial, textbook on equity in Australia)                        UniM Law High Use KN 200 K1 MEAG
  • PW Young, C Croft and ML Smith, On Equity (Lawbook Co, 2009) (an important contribution to the scholarly literature on equity)                             UniM Law KN 200 K1 YOUN

Constitutional Law


  • N C Seddon, R A Bigwood and M P Ellinghaus, Cheshire and Fifoot Law of Contract (2012)
    UniM Law High Use, KN 10 K1 CHES
    This is a seminal textbook on contracts. It may also have some application to Obligations.

Principles of Public Law



  • Martin Davies and Ian Malkin, Torts (2014)
    UniM Law High Use, KN 30 K1 DAVI
  • Kit Barker [et al.], The Law of Torts in Australia (2012)
    UniM Law High Use, KN 30 K1 TRIN

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